Q. How do I complete my order?
A. Once you have finished shopping, click the checkout button, add your home address in the billing section, add your vacation rental address in the shipping section and proceed to the secure PayPal link to add your credit card details. If you do not have a PayPal account you can open one free of charge at checkout.

Q. Are my credit card details safe?
A. Yes. We currently use PayPal for all our transactions. PayPal is a worldwide leader in safe, secure online transactions.

Q. Can I order by phone?
A. Unfortunately not. Our system is set up for online orders only at this time. If you have any questions please call us during office hours and we will happily answer them.

Q. Can I substitute items in an arrival pack?
A. No. Our packs are priced to reflect the items offered in each one.

Q. Can I reschedule my order if my arrival is delayed?
A. Yes. But if you do cancel the order and do not reschedule, we will charge a 25% restocking fee and refund the remainder to the credit card used to make the order.

Q. Do I need to be present for delivery?
A. No. Our delivery service is a pre arrival service and we will put all of your groceries in the unit before your arrival. We refrigerate any items need to be and all the other items will be left on the kitchen counter top along with a copy of your order and our contact details should there be any issues with your order. 

Q. I have checked your service area list but cannot find our vacation rental community listed. How do I know if you deliver there?
A. If your destination is not listed please call or email and we will be happy to confirm if we are able to complete your delivery.

Q. Is there a delivery charge?
A. Yes. It is added at checkout and is currently $12.99 for your entire order.

Q. When I enter our billing address in PayPal, is says the order will be shipped here. Is this correct?
A. No. We have captured your vacation rental information before you are redirected to the secure PayPal site. We will be delivering to your vacation destination.

Q. What happens if an item I order is unavailable?
A. If an item is unavailable, we will try to substitute it with an item of similar size and quality. if we are unable to do this we will refund the cost of the item to the credit card used to make the order.

Q. Why do you not offer alcohol?
A. As our service is pre arrival we have no way of verifying the age of anyone ordering through the store

Q. Why do you need 48 hours lead time?
A. We are not a physical grocery store so we need this time to guarantee your items are in one of the local stores we use.

Q. Are there any days you do not deliver?
A. The only day we do not deliver is Christmas Day. If however you try to order for a public holiday and do not give the 48 hour lead time, we are unlikely to be able to offer our service as we release our staff to spend time with their families.

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